Patricia Scott James

There is no such thing as too much Romance in our lives.

I hope my stories will enhance the romance already in yours or fill the hole where romance should be.


‚ÄčRomantic Suspense

Special Delivery

Contemporary Romance

Second Sight Trilogy

Paranormal Romance

Series - Coven

Paranormal Romance


Coming Soon :

let my storIes sweep you away into a state of Romantica ecstasy. 

Someone is out to steal the powers of coven of witches. 

Jordan Traiger's vision compels her to save the gray eyed man from her dreams. Can she save Jason from the killer, and is he really the target?

More than Meets the Eye

Eyes of a Stranger

In My Mind's Eye

When kindergarten teacher Aeryn Black's delivery from Intimate Moments accidently gets delivered to fireman Nick Anderson's house, he wonders how spicy was the woman who has invaded his thoughts for months. Either way, he finally has the 'in' to go and find out.

Grey's Anatomy meets SWAT. 

Dr. Kate Keeler didn't realize she put her heart on the line when she meets undercover narcotics Officer Andrew Riley at a friendly poker game. But when she stumbles into his life and inadvertly his undercover op, the stakes really get high.

Writing down the movies in my head is a privilege. I hope you enjoy my stories and that they give you hours of entertainment. If I accomplish that, all is good in the world

Stories so HOT,  

they burn off the page

Desk News :

2015: Grand opening of my website. My dream is finally coming true with hard work and determination. Sorry for the next few weeks these books aren't yet available.  But I promise they will be out in Amazon, etc soon. 

Also coming soon: Book Page with blurbs and excerpts, Contests.