Patricia Scott James



With a career fully utilizing my left-brain, I needed an outlet for all that right-brain creativity. From this need, Patricia Scott James was born. In love with writing, traveling and photography, she unleashes her imagination onto the world. 

Motivated by strong male and female characters, Patricia loves nothing more than watching them open up and share their vulnerabilities to their loved one without detracting from their power. She believes couples should compliment each other and gets a particular thrill when the hero and heroine are vastly different yet come together to fight for the greater good.

As a child, she envisioned movies in her head, episodes of television shows, scenes from books.  Now as an adult, she's able to put pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to a keyboard) and get her stories down so that others can read and hopefully enjoy.  She's not interested in writing the great American novel, but stories that entertain and take her readers into the world as she believes it should be, complete with a Happy Ever After ending.