Patricia Scott James

Getting Close

Very beginning of Spring 2015: Designing Covers for my books now as I put the finishing touches on the last book in my Second Sight Trilogy. My goal is to have all five/six books out this summer. Special Delivery - a steamy contemporary romance. All In - a romantic suspense. And the Second Sight Trilogy - More Than Meets the Eye, Eyes of a Stranger, In My Mind's Eye.  Writing these books has been a joy and getting them to print has been an exciting experience.  I hope you enjoy them all.

My next writing project will be a Trilogy  that will occur at the exact same time and a Closer that will tie everything together.  There will be opportunities to expand this series if my muse strikes that way.  It will be interesting to see this project unfold.


2015:  Hi.  My name is Patricia Scott James. This is a dream of mine.  It's funny, during school, I hated english. I hated having to read what someone else picked for me.  Very little of that great American novels (gAn) did I find enjoyable.  (to each his/her own, but those gAn are not my cup of tea). I always earned good grades, but it was the grade and not the learning that was important for me in my English classes.  Now reading was a different thing.  Loved reading, especially romance novels. I loved the romance novels from an early age. Back then the hero had to save the heroine and the stories weren't always exciting and the heroines were always interesting or worthy.  Rush forward a couple of decades and now the heroines are often strong, interesting, independent women, and the heroes are still alpha, yet now sensitive and not pompous pricks.  I'm so glad romance has matured into what it is now. What influences me as much as books are movies and television and real life. That's how I see my stories: as video. Getting it all down on paper the way I see it in my mind is the challenge and one I love to undertake.  I hope you find them as entertaining as I see them being.

For this blog, I want to write about me as a writer, me as a reader, me as a viewer of movies and television, me with my photography and travel as it applies. I want to share tidbits of my stories and the process as I'm living it. What inspires me.... just what I think any fans I have would like to know about PSJ.